cover of 'another lover' originally by little dragon + moses sumney

A poem that reads: "Beginning my decolonizing journey I feel like every time I touch to shore I wake up to find I'm still riding the waves R E M Floating and drifting on this evercresting brush of briny splashes-- I long for shore. Muscles ache, sinuses flare Land is where???" A small boat on water and a face with flared nostrils adorn the last line of the poem.

Sometimes the ocean feels exhausting and you just want to get back to shore. Sometimes you keep thinking you've woken up only to find you're still dreaming. That's what this poem is about.

Decolonization is the ability to narrate one's story in a manner that makes sense and makes meaning out of all the experiences of the past. (p.87, Coming Full Circle, Leny Strobel)